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Should the Name of Washington-Lee High School be Changed?

Wednesday December 12, 2037


In a tumultuous year, Virginians are taking a fresh look at how we recognize and reconcile our history.  How should we understand monuments to individuals who fought for the Confederacy?  Can we acknowledge the evils of slavery while recognizing the other contributions of those who participated in that terrible system?  What is the right venue for that recognition, and who is deserving of honor in place names, and how should that honor be placed into context?


These questions take different forms throughout the Commonwealth.  Our neighborhoods in Fairfax County recently decided to rename JEB Stuart High School from that of a Confederate general to Justice High School.  Here in Arlington, Washington-Lee High School shares its names between the commanders of the Continental and Confederate armies.  Should its name be changed too?



Michael Beer (in favor of changing the name)

John Peck (in favor of keeping the name)

Campbell Palmer (parent to share recent name-change experience from JEB Stuart/Justice HS)


How are Community Organizations in Arlington Responding to Changes in Federal Immigration Policy and Enforcement?

[The second program in a two-part series]

Wednesday November 8, 2017


At our September program, we heard from officials from Arlington Public Schools and the Arlington Sheriff's office about how federal immigration policy impacts local matters. We also heard from a legal expert who gave us a lay of the land. But it is not just local government officials who are adjusting to changes in immigration policy and enforcement. Community organizations and non-profits are navigating this rapidly-changing environment as well. What changes have they observed as they work to fulfill their missions? What are they observing amongst the community members they serve? And how does this impact Arlington overall?


We will explore this topic on November 8, 2017, in the second installment of a two-part series. The goal of the series is to explore how Arlington institutions have responded to changes in federal policy rather than debate the merits of the policies themselves. As a neutral, non-partisan organization focused on local issues, the Committee of 100 seeks to create a forum for community education and civil discussion. We invite you to join this conversation at the November program, where we will hear from the following speakers:


Bethlehem Desta, Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC)

Charles Meng, Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC)

Emma Violand-Sanchez, The Dream Project


Credit: Kimberly Klingler
Credit: Kimberly Klingler

Video from this program will be posted soon.


This topic was covered in two programs:

Part One focused on the local response from public institutions (i.e., schools, law enforcement, etc.). Scroll down to see the video of Part One.


Part Two on November 8, 2017 will focus on the local response from community nonprofits and civic organizations.


Debate - Candidates for Arlington County Board and School Board

Wednesday October 11, 2017

The Committee of 100 presents the Arlington candidates standing in the General Election on November 7th:

Audrey Clement, COUNTY BOARD
Audrey Clement, COUNTY BOARD
Erik Gutshall, COUNTY BOARD
Erik Gutshall, COUNTY BOARD
Charles McCullough, COUNTY BOARD
Charles McCullough, COUNTY BOARD
Alison Dough, SCHOOL BOARD
Alison Dough, SCHOOL BOARD
Monique O'Grady, SCHOOL BOARD
Monique O'Grady, SCHOOL BOARD

This is the first time that the Committee of 100 is hosting candidates for both County Board and School board, giving attendees the opportunity to ask questions about issues that affect both boards.

Scott Brodbeck
Scott Brodbeck

The debate will be moderated by Scott Brodbeck, Founder of ARLnow. Following opening statements, the candidates will have a chance to ask a question of each other. Then, members of the audience will be able to submit questions for the candidates via note cards that will be distributed and collected from attendees. The moderator will select the questions from those submitted on the cards. Join the conversation.

How is Arlington Impacted by Changes in Federal Immigration Policy and Enforcement? 

[The first program in a two-part series]

September 13, 2017


The Trump Administration has brought immigration policy and enforcement to the forefront of discussion. From the Supreme Court opining on a travel ban to immigrantparents weighing the safety of sending their children to school, it is clear that changes in immigration policy are affecting people in all walks of life. So how is this affecting Arlingtonians? What happens when Arlington County receives a request from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)? What impacts are educators observing amongst families in Arlington Public Schools (APS)? And what can we expect next?


The Arlington Committee of 100 will explore this topic in a two-part series this September and November. In September, we invite you to hear from Dr. Laura Newton (Director of Student Services, APS), David Kidwell (Deputy Sheriff, Arlington County), and Simon Sandoval-Moshenberg (Legal Director, Legal Aid Justice Center). We'll continue the conversation in November, when we talk with community groups and residents about rapid developments in immigration. 

This topic was covered in two programs:

Part One focused on the local response from public institutions (i.e., schools, law enforcement, etc.). 


Part Two focused on the local response from community nonprofits and civic organizations.


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