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2014-2015 Programs - Video Gallery

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The Regional Economy is Changing: What Does This Mean for Arlington?

Wednesday June 10, 2015

The Silver Line metro has been open for almost a year.  Tyson's Corner is its own Census Designated Place (CDP) with many new offices and residential spaces in development. The federal government is no longer the driving economic force it once was in the region.  What do these and other regional changes mean for Arlington's economic outlook?  Join us at the June 10 Committee of 100 Program to learn more about economic changes in Northern Virginia and in Arlington County. This program will provide important background for a planned program in the fall featuring Victor Hoskins, Arlington's new Director of Economic Development.


Our speakers will be: 

Dr. Terry Clower, Northern Virginia Chair and Professor of Public Policy at the School of Public Policy, Government and Internal Affairs and Deputy Director for the  Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University, will provide an overview on Northern Virginia's regional economy and the challenges it faces. 

Sally Duran, Chair of the Arlington Economic Development Commission, will focus on Arlington's economic challenges in light of those at the regional level. 

School Overcrowding: How Do We Solve It?

Wednesday May 11, 2015


Arlington County Public Schools are overcrowded!  More seats are needed at every grade level, from elementary to high schools.  Just how significant is the problem of overcrowded schools?  What options are available to deal with the issue?  How quickly do we need to act and what impact do future demographic projections have on those decisions? Our speakers will be:

speakJohn Milliken, Chairman of the Community Facilities Study Committee, will talk about how the committee's work interacts with the decisions concerning the need for more seats in the schools.

Patrick Murphy, Superintendent of Schools, will talk about the school systems perspective and how they are endeavoring to deal with the space needs in schools.

Ted Hayes, President of the Arlington County Council of PTAs, will tell about the viewpoints of parents and teachers on how crowding is affecting education.

The Ups and Downs of Aging in Your Home: What Should You Know?  

Wednesday April 8, 2015

The numbers of those aging in Arlington foretell a huge tsunami of elderly in the future. According to a recent Arlington County study, the number of residents between the ages of 55-64 grew by almost 50% from 2000-2012. Over the next several decades, the number of senior households will grow three times faster than the number of those headed by someone under 65. A vast majority of our current and future senior residents want to age in their homes and stay in Arlington, where they have lived a large portion of their lives. Since housing devoted to seniors' specific needs as they age is and will continue to be scarce, aging-in-place will become an increasingly important solution for our elderly population.


Join us at out next meeting where we will hear about the some of the benefits and challenges of aging-in-place.  Our speakers will be:


Jane King, chair of the Alexandria Commission on Aging and member of the Board of At Home in Alexandria will talk about what you should consider when retrofitting a home and some of the resources that may be available.

Carol Paquette, a Founding Director and current President of Arlington Neighborhood Villages, will provide information on services in the community that can be provided to assist in a variety of important ways in your home.

Debbie Miller, Seniors Real Estate Specialist with McEnearney Associates, will talk about how the real estate market views retrofitted homes and what to keep in mind if reselling is part of your long-term planning.

Bikers and Nazis: Two of Arlington's Seamier Episodes

Wednesday March 11, 2015

Young people and newcomers to Arlington are often shocked to discover that the American Nazi Party founded by George Lincoln Rockwell was headquartered here from 1958 to 1983. The infamous but not large group spread their message of hatred before and after the murder of Rockwell in August 1967 at the Dominion Hills Shopping Center.


That was just a year after a lesser-known but also shocking event - the June 1966 shootout between rival motorcycle gangs at the placid Lee-Harrison Shopping Center. Some 100 bullets were fired in the clash that made front-page news, though, astonishingly, no one was seriously hurt.

Join us at our March meeting when we will hear these fascinating stories from Charlie Clark, journalist and local historian who writes the weekly "Our Man in Arlington" column for the Falls Church News-Press.

What was the Voters' Message in the November Election, and What Does it Mean for the Future?

Wednesday February 11, 2015

At our February meeting, we will examine voting patterns over the years along with some of the issues that led to the election of an independent to the County Board.  Our featured speakers are:


Dr. Frank Shaforth is the Director of the Center for State and Local Leadership at George Mason University, and will provide an overview of the election results.

Kip Malinosky is the Chair of the Arlington County Democratic Committee. He was elected to his term as Chair in January 2014.

Matt Wavro is the Chair of the Arlington County Republican Committee. He was elected to his term as Chair in February 2014.

Ballston is Booming?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Take a stroll through what today is Ballston Mall and your trip may leave a lot to be desired.  But then take a moment and look west across Wilson Boulevard where you will see new buildings that are home to innovative companies, academic centers, and eateries.  Is this new innovative development a sign of things to come?  Will Ballston be able to revitalize and rebrand itself in order to make itself a desirable place to work, sleep, and play and to compete with other malls and town centers in the region?


The Arlington Committee of 100 is honored to have you join us for a conversation about the revitalization efforts in Ballston and how they play into the greater community and economic development efforts for Arlington County.


Christina Winn is the Director of Business Investment for Arlington Economic Development leading the County’s efforts in business retention, national recruitment, entrepreneur support, and catalyzing the innovation economy.  

Tina Leone is the Chief Executive Officer for the Ballston Business Improvement District.  She also serves on the board of the Arlington Chamber of Commerce.

John Moore is the Regional Vice President of Operations at Forest City Enterprises and the General Manager for the Ballston mall Property.

Will Voegele is Forest City's Senior Vice President for Commercial Development Responsible for development of retail and mixed-use projects.  He will oversee the Ballston Mall redevelopment efforts with support of John Moore.

Who Can Afford to Live in Arlington?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Concerns about the cost of living have been growing in Arlington as many local employees cannot afford to live here and 2 in 5 Arlingtonians expect that they will have to move because they cannot afford the cost of their homes. Arlington County has appointed a citizen working group to study the challenge of affordable housing which will report recommendations for housing principles, goals, and targets in the new year. Join Arlington Committee of 100 for a look ahead to the report from the Affordable Housing Study Task Force with perspectives from the county government, affordable housing advocates, and residential developers. Our speakers will be:

Russell Danao-Schroeder, Senior Housing Planner, Arlington County Department of Community Planning, Housing, and Development. He will try to lay out the current situation concerning housing costs in Arlington.

Mary Rouleau, Executive Director, Alliance for Housing Solutions, will provide the perspective from the current non-profit organizations who provide and advocate for affordable housing.

Andrew McIntyre, Senior Vice President, Development and Construction, Penzance, will give us the perspective of developers who are working in Arlington.

How Has the Smartphone Changed the Way to Hail a Ride?

Wednesday November 12, 2014


Companies such as Uber and Lyft are using technology to change the way people are calling for taxi cab type services, especially in Arlington's Rosslyn-Ballston corridor. Smartphone users can simply download an app to their devices and then, with just the press of button, order a ride from these Transportation Network Companies or ride-sharing services.


How are these new companies different from traditional taxi cab services that also offer ordering via a smartphone app? How are these new companies licensed and regulated? Do they maintain adequate safety and liability protections? And how will this increased competition affect services provided by traditional taxi cab companies that are already regulated and in operation?


Join us at our next meeting to learn about how the new ride sharing services are changing the way transportation services are provided.


Our speakers will be:

Ed Zolnik, Associate Professor, School of Policy, Government, and International Affairs at George Mason University, will provide an overview of the current situation

Colin Tooze, Director of East Coast Public Policy for Uber Technologies, will give us the perspective from the new ride sharing Transportation Network Companies.

Charlie King, Vice President of Red Top Cab of Arlington, will provide the viewpoint of the traditional taxicab companies and what their services provide.


County Board Candidates Debate

Wednesday October 8, 2014


The Committee of 100 presents a debate between the candidates for Arlington Country Board running in the November 4th General Election. The debate will be moderated by Scott McCaffrey, Managing Editor of the Sun Gazette.


Opening statements of two minutes by each candidate followed by Q&A. The first part of the Q&A will consist of one question from each candidate to the other. The remainder of the Q&A will be questions submitted by members of the audience.

Bar Crawls in Arlington: Benefits and Challenges

Wednesday September 10, 2014


Bar crawls are becoming increasingly popular for many Arlington residents and a good source of revenue for Arlington businesses.  However, the good times also come with some challenges, from crowd control and disruptions for nearby residents to safety risks and dangerous incidents.  Join us at our September meeting to hear about these issues and how our community can balance the benefits and challenges of bar crawls.

Greg Cahill of Whitlow's on Wilson, will provide the business perspective - how a business participates and what the benefits and concerns are for the County from his point of view. 

Loria Porcaro, President of the Lyon Village Civic Association, who will share perspectives from residents of the nearby neighborhood and the problems that arise from bar crawls.

Michael Dunne, Deputy Chief of Operations of the Arlington County Police Department, will tell us about the role of the police during bar crawls.