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Videos - Program Year (2020-2021)

How Much Do You Know about Halls Hill in Arlington?

Wednesday June 9, 2021


The Arlington Committee of 100 welcomes Wilma Jones, a fourth-generation resident of Halls Hill, and author of “My Halls Hill Family,” her third book, as our June speaker. Many native Arlingtonians grew up with little or no knowledge of Halls Hill, a completely African American community until the 1970s, that was walled in from the rest of Arlington for much of its history. Ms. Jones will discuss the beginning of Halls Hill during the Civil War and present the many historical moments that affected all of

Arlington’s African American communities through to current day.

About Wilma Jones


Wilma Jones is an author, speaker and the CEO of Wilma J, LLC, a business consulting company. Wilma teaches people the tools to develop a positive mindset in order to accomplish more both professionally and personally. She’s dynamic, funny, insightful and for real.

Can Arlington Solve Missing Middle Housing on its Own?

Wednesday, May 12, 2021


Arlington County recently launched a Missing Middle Housing Study to look into options for and the impacts of adding “missing middle” housing in Arlington. “Missing middle” is a term for a range of housing types between single-family homes and apartment buildings. The County’s study will look into adding missing middle housing in Arlington and much of the discussion here has focused on how adding missing middle housing here will affect Arlington. But the housing market is regional, cutting across county and state lines, and so it’s important to look more broadly at how changes here and across the region will impact housing in Arlington and throughout Greater Washington.


The Arlington Committee of 100 will explore these regional patterns at its May program. Our speakers are:

- Jon Huntley, PhD, Senior Economist, Wharton School

- Michael A. Spotts, President, Neighborhood Fundamentals, LLC

- Aakash Thakkar, Executive Vice President, EYA, LLC

The Arlington Committee of 100 also conducted its annual meeting of members at the beginning of the May 12th program. A notice was emailed to the most recent membership roster. It is also available here.

What's in a Name? A Community Conversation on Renaming Arlington's Places and Streets

Wednesday, April 14, 2021


As Arlington, like many localities and, indeed, our nation, embark on a racial reckoning, many are urging the reconsideration of names and images associated with historical figures that dot our landscape but that do not reflect the values of equity, diversity and inclusion that contemporary Arlington seeks to foster. How can the lessons of history remain in our collective conscious but not constrain a modern community that truly embraces all people? Join us as our panelists address these questions and more. Our panelists are:

How Has the Pandemic Impacted Student Learning & Well-Being?

Wednesday March 10, 2021


Arlington children and adolescents have faced the effects of school closures for nearly a year now. In addition to switching to virtual learning, social and out-of-home activities have been canceled or reduced significantly. As a result, many students have experienced an increase in stress and reduction in support when outside of the classroom setting. Yet others report only being mildly affected and seem to have adapted well. 


What have we learned about what is needed to support students during the pandemic? What long-term effects might this “learning loss” have on children and families? How should Arlington Public Schools and the broader community respond to these challenges?


Join us on March 10th. Our speakers will be:

Bridget Loft, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning - Arlington Public Schools

Jeanne Booth, LCSW, Assistant Professor, Social Work Department - George Mason University

Virus and Vaccine: What's the Way Forward in Arlington?

Wednesday February 10, 2021


As 2020 wound to a close, the FDA gave authorization for the use of two vaccines against the novel coronavirus that has dominated our lives for the past 11 months. The Virginia Department of Health has created a plan for distributing the vaccines, with priority groups set by risk.


To update us on the vaccination process and way forward in Arlington, the Committee of 100 welcomes:

Dr. Reuben Varghese, Arlington County Public Health Director

Nancy White, Arlington Free Clinic Executive Director & Co-Chair of the Arlington Complete Vaccination Committee

Arlington's Economy in 2021: What Does the Future Hold?

Wednesday, January 13, 2021


2021 begins with much uncertainty. The approval of a vaccine means that we can see the light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel, but it could be the middle of the year before it's been distributed widely enough to get back to life as usual. Meanwhile, our economy and public services remain under pandemic restrictions, about to enter their 11th month, which makes for complicated and challenging decisions about if and how businesses and their employees can persevere through to the end. 


As the second in our two-part program on Arlington’s economy, join the Committee of 100 to begin 2021 with a look at regional and local trends, what they signal for the year ahead, and what Arlington’s economy needs for success in the new year.



Jeannette Chapman, Director, Stephen S. Fuller Institute for Research on the Washington Region’s Economic Future, Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University

Telly Tucker, Director, Arlington Economic Development

Kate Bates, President & CEO, Arlington Chamber of Commerce

Arlington's Economy in 2020: Change and Resilience

Wednesday, December 9, 2020


2020 has been a difficult year in many ways. However, it has also been a year of change and resilience as people adapt to changing economic conditions. How have Arlington’s safety net programs adapted? How are nonprofits and small businesses weathering the storm? Join us to hear from leaders on-the-ground as they share lessons learned and what they anticipate going forward.


Our speakers will be:

Anita Friedman, Director of Arlington Department of Human Services

Andrew Schneider, Executive Director of Arlington Thrive

Lisa Ostroff, Owner of Trade Roots


This is part of one of a two-part series. Part II in January will present broader economic trends and what they signal for the year ahead. 

The Future of Policing in Arlington

Wednesday, November 18, 2020


There is an ongoing national dialogue about reforming local law enforcement policies and procedures. While this has been sparked by recent violent arrests and deaths in police custody, many concerns are long-running about the role of policing in a community.


Join us as we hear from leaders to better understand these issues, discuss potential policing reforms, and explore what is ahead for Arlington.



Marcia Thompson, Police Practices Working Group Consultant

Kent Carter, Vice President of Arlington NAACP

Andy Penn, Acting Chief of Arlington County Police Department

Virginia Constitutional Amendment on Redistricting

Wednesday, October 14, 2020


The Arlington Committee of 100 is sponsoring a panel discussion on the Virginia Redistricting Constitutional Amendment, which is on the November 3 ballot. If Virginia voters approve the amendment, the power to draw the state’s congressional and state legislative districts would be transferred to a redistricting commission composed of state legislators and citizens. The panelists,  will discuss the content and pros and cons of voting for and against the amendment. 


This program follows on the successful program on the same topic sponsored by the Committee of 100 last year, before the state legislature approved the amendment for the second time.



Jeremy Mayer, Associate Professor in the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University

Brian Cannon, OneVirginia 2021, speaking in favor of the amendment

Del. Marcia "Cia" Price, speaking against the amendment

Arlington County Stormwater Bond Referendum

Wednesday, September 23, 2020


At $50.8 million, the special Stormwater Bond is the second largest of five bonds in the County’s latest Capital Improvement Program (CIP) to go before the voters this fall.


As climate change and intense weather events buffet Arlington neighborhoods, Zoom into a lively discussion by these panelists to learn more:


Mike Moon, of Arlington’s Department of Environmental Services (DES);

Jason Friess, with Arlington’s Department of Management and Finance (DMF);

Gillian Burgess, a Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission (FAAC) member and bond skeptic, who will raises questions of equity, cost, and competing County priorities; and

Karen Vasquez, a resident of the Leeway Overlee neighborhood, whose family suffered $100,000 in uninsured damages as a result of the 2019 summer squall.

County Board & School Board Candidate Forum

Wednesday, September 9, 2020


The Arlington Committee of 100 is hosting the candidates for both County Board and School board, giving attendees the opportunity to ask questions about the issues that affect Arlington.


For County Board: Audrey Clement, Libby Garvey (incumbent)

For School Board: Cristina Diaz-Torres, David Priddy, and Symone Walker


Following opening statements, the candidates will have a chance to ask a question of their opponents. Then, members of the audience will be able to submit questions for the candidates when they register and via the Q&A feature in the webinar. 


The moderator will select the questions from those submitted. Audience questions will be put to candidates for both offices, though candidates will be encouraged to pass on questions that are not germane to the office they are seeking.

County Board Candidates (above - left to right): Audrey Clement, Libby Garvey
County Board Candidates (above - left to right): Audrey Clement, Libby Garvey
School Board Candidates (above - left to right): Cristina Diaz-Torres, David Priddy, Symone Walker
School Board Candidates (above - left to right): Cristina Diaz-Torres, David Priddy, Symone Walker

Q&A with new APS Superintendent Dr. Francisco Durán

August 12, 2020


Dr. Francisco Durán joined Arlington Public Schools as its new superintendent at the start of June. He joins APS at a time of unprecedented challenges, the immediate response to the pandemic affecting planning for the upcoming school year, and also long-term strategic challenges that predate the coronavirus and have not gone away.


The Committee of 100 is pleased to host the new Superintendent on Wednesday, August 12. Attendees can submit questions upon registration. The program will be moderated by Dr. Lynn Juhl.