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How Can Arlington Better Serve English Language Learners?

Wednesday September 11, 2019


In 2019, Arlington Public Schools (APS) signed an agreement with the US Department of Education over allegations that APS has provided inadequate help for students learning English. While APS did not admit to any violation by signing the agreement, failure to comply could have meant that APS was in violation of the 1974 Equal Education Opportunities Act, which requires schools to provide the same opportunities for all students regardless of race, gender, or language. How did we get here? What does good policy and practice for English Language Learners look like? Lastly, what does this settlement mean, and how will the community know that English Language Learners are being served well?


Join us to explore this topic and hear from the following speakers:

Gabriela UroDirector for English Language Learner Policy and Research for the Council of the Great City Schools

Samuel Klein, Supervisor, Office of English Language Learners, Arlington Public Schools