Welcome! The Arlington Committee of 100 fosters open and vigorous discussion of issues involving all facets of community life in Arlington. The Committee's monthly forums are open to all and provide a non-partisan setting in which issues of local, regional, and state interest are addressed by experts, with audience participation in lively Q&A sessions.

Next Program: May 12, 2021

Can Arlington Solve Missing Middle Housing on its Own?

Arlington County recently launched a Missing Middle Housing Study to look into options for and the impacts of adding “missing middle” housing in Arlington. “Missing middle” is a term for a range of housing types between single-family homes and apartment buildings. The County’s study will look into adding missing middle housing in Arlington and much of the discussion here has focused on how adding missing middle housing here will affect Arlington. But the housing market is regional, cutting across county and state lines, and so it’s important to look more broadly at how changes here and across the region will impact housing in Arlington and throughout Greater Washington.


The Arlington Committee of 100 will explore these regional patterns at its May program. Our speakers are:

- Jon Huntley, PhD, Senior Economist, Wharton School

- Michael A. Spotts, President, Neighborhood Fundamentals, LLC

- Aakash Thakkar, Executive Vice President, EYA, LLC

The Arlington Committee of 100 will also conduct its annual meeting of members at the beginning of the May 12th program. A notice was emailed to the most recent membership roster. It is also available here.

Special Online Program - Zoom Webinar

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

7:00-8:15 PM

Recent Program: April 14, 2021

What's in a Name? A Community Conversation on Renaming Arlington's Places and Streets

As Arlington, like many localities and, indeed, our nation, embark on a racial reckoning, many are urging the reconsideration of names and images associated with historical figures that dot our landscape but that do not reflect the values of equity, diversity and inclusion that contemporary Arlington seeks to foster. How can the lessons of history remain in our collective conscience but not constrain a modern community that truly embraces all people? Join us as our panelists address these questions and more. Our panelists are:

Special Online Program - Zoom Webinar

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

7:00-8:00 PM

A special thank you to the Arlington Community Federal Credit Union (ACFCU) for sponsoring our 2020-21 program year.