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How is Arlington Impacted by Changes in Federal Immigration Policy and Enforcement? 

[The first program in a two-part series]

September 13, 2017


The Trump Administration has brought immigration policy and enforcement to the forefront of discussion. From the Supreme Court opining on a travel ban to immigrantparents weighing the safety of sending their children to school, it is clear that changes in immigration policy are affecting people in all walks of life. So how is this affecting Arlingtonians? What happens when Arlington County receives a request from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)? What impacts are educators observing amongst families in Arlington Public Schools (APS)? And what can we expect next?


The Arlington Committee of 100 will explore this topic in a two-part series this September and November. In September, we invite you to hear from Dr. Laura Newton (Director of Student Services, APS), David Kidwell (Deputy Sheriff, Arlington County), and Simon Sandoval-Moshenberg (Legal Director, Legal Aid Justice Center). We'll continue the conversation in November, when we talk with community groups and residents about rapid developments in immigration. 

This topic will be covered in two programs:

Part One focused on the local response from public institutions (i.e., schools, law enforcement, etc.).

Part Two on November 8, 2017 will focus on the local response from community nonprofits and civic organizations.